Welcome to the Amisk-Hughenden Historical Society

Our mission is to create and contribute to projects that preserve the history of the Amisk/Hughenden, Alberta area.

Amisk-Hughenden Historical Society
The Holy Trinity Anglican Church was built in Hughenden in 1914. Our historical society is responsible for the preservation of this beautiful little building that is central to our community.

Members of the Amisk-Hughenden Historical Society:

Myrna Swanson, President

Mark Wight, Vice President

Lori Knutson, Treasurer

Patricia Mackie, Secretary

Terry Lee Degenhardt

Heather Nelson

Amisk-Hughenden Historical Society’s CRA Charities Registration number is: 865138200 RR 0001

To contact us or to donate:

Amisk-Hughenden Historical Society

P.O. Box 61

Hughenden, Alberta

T0B 2E0

Email us: historicalsociety1916@gmail.com

Hughenden, Alberta in 1907

Sounding Lake and Signing Treaty Number Six Adhesion

Last April, I had the opportunity to visit Sounding Lake and area — something I’d wanted to do for a long time. Both cairns our small group visited are situated on privately-owned and leased crown land. We relied on our host to seek permission from the landowners and ranchers who lease the land to allow […]

Preservation Project Complete

Recently, one of our historical society projects was completed. The shingles on this old roof were getting pretty worn out. Last summer, the Amisk-Hughenden Historical Society put out a call for donations help in maintaining this church, built in 1914, one of Hughenden’s first buildings. Community members and folks that used to live here and […]

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