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Treacherous Skate, Frosty Walk — Lori Knutson

Yesterday morning I dug out my old skates and walked down to the outdoor rink that the local fire department created in December. It’s situated by the local arena which lately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, has been closed. People skate on this oval all the time, but this was my first visit to the newest […] […]

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Holy Trinity Church’s Interior – A Photo Blog

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to visit and photograph the interior of Holy Trinity Anglican Church on Hughenden’s main street. Constructed in 1914, it’s one of this community’s oldest structures. It’s always a pleasure to spend time here. It’s a piece of history that is able to take me back to a time before […]


The Old Stone House

I love this story about the stone house that was restored by a landowner who cares deeply about history and heritage. This story first appeared in Memories and Milestones 1905-2005. It was written and submitted by Ed Carson, the man responsible for the painstaking restoration of this sturdy old building. Thank you, Ed! Darryl and […]