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Preservation Project Complete

The newly-shingled Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Hughenden

Recently, one of our historical society projects was completed. The shingles on this old roof were getting pretty worn out. Last summer, the Amisk-Hughenden Historical Society put out a call for donations help in maintaining this church, built in 1914, one of Hughenden’s first buildings.

Community members and folks that used to live here and still care, were all quick to respond to the society’s request for funding to replace the church’s shingles and to repair its porch. The Hughenden Lions Club and the Otonabee Lodge (Czar Odd Fellows) both generously pitched in with donations for this project. The maintenance and preservation of this historic church would not be possible without the support of our community, those near and those far, and all with a heart for history.

There are more interior photos of this little church in the blog post predictably titled Holy Trinity Church’s Interior.

Besides new shingles, the porch was lifted and the area underneath cleaned up before cement was poured and new supports installed. After the porch was straightened and stabilized, the front entry door was adjusted to suit its straighter frame.

The contractor showed our president Myrna Swanson the old support. She commented to this writer, “He showed me a stubby little rotted-out stump that was holding up the porch.  Good thing a sharp-eyed person noticed it was sagging!”

We’re happy to have this project done and are so pleased with the support we received. Thank you for keeping our history alive.

Taken last spring – note the lifting shingles.
This poem was written in 1952 for the re-dedication of Oak Grove Lutheran Church. It reminded me so much of old churches in old times, and of our little church throughout its seasons. More information about the Oak Grove Church near Pottsgrove, PA. and the Hagenbuch family can be found in this post.


By A-H History

Our mission is to create and contribute to projects that preserve the history of the Amisk/Hughenden, Alberta area.

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