Why History Is Important – by Lori Knutson

My grandpa's pony, Sputnik, at the back door on their farm outside of Czar, Alberta.

Here’s a post written by me, Lori, about the importance of history and how I feel about the history that’s missing from the Alberta school curriculum.

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This bit from my article describes how folks often feel about history:

Before the cemetery tour I led the other day, someone commented, “What’s your tour about? My daughter doesn’t want to go if it’s about dates and who was married to whom.”
People have been turned off by history relayed through dry, dusty details. Too bad. History is rich and informative, and crammed with better stories than I could make up.

It is too bad. History is fun and full of juicy details.

Cemetery tour time.

History is not dead. Let’s not bury it and forget about it. Instead, let’s get to know it and discover what we can still learn from it.

Thanks for reading!

~ Lori (for the Amisk-Hughenden Historical Society)

By A-H History

Our mission is to create and contribute to projects that preserve the history of the Amisk/Hughenden, Alberta area.

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